"Tap Into The Ultimate Power of The Universe To Create The Perfect Reality You Desire! Manifest Super Riches, Happiness and The Very Best Life You Could Ever Enjoy!"

From:  Noctis Enoch - Author of Reality Creation Secrets

Dear Friend,

Have you been searching for the answers to life's greatest questions? Perhaps you have been looking to find them in the books that you've read, the people that you talk to and the movies that you've watched. You've probably found bits and pieces of the puzzle here and there but you still can't put it all together or get to the essence.

Well, I have got the most awesome news you would probably ever come across in your life! Finally the complete answer to solving the mystery of life is here. This knowledge that you are about to discover will unlock all the doorways to creating everything you ever wanted in life! Extreme Wealth, Perfect Health, Total Peace!

This is unlike anything you have ever come across because it is information that deals with the highest level of reality. This knowledge has been contained in Ancient Teachings that were considered the Most Closely Guarded Secrets from the masses at that time. But now it is finally revealed in a modern day context used in Real Life!

Read every single word of this very important message to find out how you can...

Acquire The Ultimate Knowledge of All Time

"To see from the highest and most fundamental place is to understand everything in life, the universe and destiny from the perspective of consciousness and reality creation. It is because consciousness is everything. It is consciousness alone that creates and directs all things."

"Everything you learn is ultimately for the purpose of being able to create your reality better. When you take everything that you know and observe it from a perspective of reality creation, you will find what it really is about and how it all fits into the whole picture."

What Would You Give If You Could Acquire The Power of A God In This World?

Yes, I am serious about asking you this ultimate question. Because it is the one key to attaining everything you ever desire in life!

Most people don't even know what they are here in this world for, and what they are capable of. The truth is, you have more power in your possession than you have ever imagined! All you need is the knowledge to access and fully use this power!

But this knowledge has been kept hidden from most people all throughout history. Why? Well simply because knowledge is power and those who have it are the ones who have power over those who don't have it.

Sounds unfair that there would be an Elite group of people keeping such life changing knowledge from everyone else right? But it goes deeper than that! The reason why this knowledge is kept from the masses is also because most people are not ready for it. People would actually fight against such ideas vehemently when revealed to them.

Why would they do something so ridiculous as that? Because this knowledge reveals the TRUTH about Reality and WHO we REALLY ARE! It requires a serious waking up to a Whole New World that you've probably been blind to all along...

This knowledge gives you the ability to see what the universe really is like for once in your life! It is said that in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is KING!

Imagine how much POWER, FREEDOM and HAPPINESS you would experience if you were a master of the universe and could create whatever you wish in every area of your life! You don't even need a genie to grant you wishes when you are a Master Genie yourself that is free from any master except yourself!

Shape Reality At Will and Have Control even over Space, Time and Matter!

When you learn the Secrets of Reality Creation which is really the knowledge of God, because God or Infinite Intelligence does everything with the power of creation, you will be able to live life in this world like a god, having mastery over everything in life.

It is the highest state of existence that any living being can achieve.

Here are some of the Most Powerful Secrets you will discover:

Learn what Luck really is and how you can have control over it. This is like the best power you can have above everything else, because when you are lucky, everything that is good just comes to you and you don't even have to worry about problems, enemies or bad incidents coming against you. You can control fate, destiny and luck.

Discover the Energy of Creation and how you can use it to create anything you want in life! There is a saying by one of the old guardians of the Ancient Secrets that goes like this "He who understands the principle of vibration has grasped the scepter of POWER" Indeed, the principle is just the beginning. Learn everything else about it.

Know how Reality changes from moment to moment according to the Energy level that you are resonating at. Reality is not solid, it is fluid like water. In fact you have probably heard from enlightened beings of the past that the most special substance that describes the true nature of reality is Water. Learn how to bend reality at will.

Access the Source of All Knowledge to understand the unknown and gain awareness about the Future. This is the Key To Omniscience. All great Genius who knew things beyond their time and were able to perceive things that others around them were totally oblivious to, had unlocked this higher ability to function easily and effectively.

Know why The Present Moment is An ILLUSION and how you can free yourself from it in order to manifest what you truly want without the limitation of the visible world that seem to be restricting you. All Masters of Reality Creation have broken free from the bounds of Time and are free to use it for creation without entrapment.

Realize the Truth that Creation is ALREADY COMPLETE outside Time and Space. When you can see the universe from the Perspective of Omnipresent Time, you will be Looking at the World through the Eyes of God. Most people can't comprehend this way of seeing, but you'll be taught the secret knowledge to Enlightened Seeing.

All Creation begins from BEING. From the place of "I AM" everything that is comes forth. Learn how to Re-Create The SELF in order to turn your entire reality around from the highest level to the lowest. Most people attempt to change reality from a bottom up approach and that's why they fail. Learn how to create from The Center.

That's a whole lot but here are MORE of the Most Powerful Secrets:

Remember that having the power of a god is being able to shape reality at WILL? Well, most people don't even know what the Will really is and how they can use it to move everything that is inside and outside of themselves. You will Learn the Secret of The WILL and use it to Rule over all your Reality Creation Work as you See Fit.

Understand how FREEWILL falls into place in the entire workings of the universe. There is a Law of Freewill which governs how the choices and intentions of a being affects the reality of every other being. Know why your Reality Creation work will always be in harmony with this law and how you can use it to work in your full favor.

Know that the reason why most people only half succeed in their endeavors is because they tend to use only half their mind. The Masters who always achieve One Hundred Percent Results in every work they do, have always made sure to use their WHOLE MIND. This might be the greatest missing key you will ever discover here!

Now for the most ridiculous concept of all... the idea that we only need to work with the subconscious mind to create success. That is one of the biggest lies ever told and is the reason why most people are kept unconscious about the path to Mastery. The Elite of Reality Creation all know that Conscious Creation requires Total Awareness.

Learn all about the Key Step of Creation which has been left out in so many places that claim to teach the art and science of Manifestation. This Key Step is Taking Actual Physical Action, but there is a correct way to take action that is aligned with Intent and Higher Guidance. When you take action like this, you will never fail at all.

Finally, the key aspect of being a creator of your reality, is BEING IN CONTROL at ALL TIMES. This is the Major portion of the knowledge that has not been included in all other courses in Reality Creation, because this is not the usual kind of insights that are spoken of in this field. You NEED to know this in order to be THE MASTER.

Last but not least, discover the Highest Energy of receiving all that you intend from the universe. This is simultaneously The Ultimate Key To Happiness and Getting what you wish for! It is amazing how both the beginning and the end result of your Creation are one and the same. You can Experience Total Bliss when you exist here.

But That's Not All There Is as there are Still Even More Secrets:

Know what is the True Cause of All Failure. There is only ONE Cause of all Failure and it will be revealed inside. A Part of Reality Creation work is being in control of causes and effects. Knowledge is what gives you control. The better your knowledge, the better your control will be. Know the Failure Secret and you will Master Success.

Understand that there are TWO Places to Using The Power of the Universe. One is the Place of FEAR and the other is the Place of LOVE. Both can be used to create reality with enormous success, but most people do not realize the subtle difference that causes them to ultimately end up with side effects of a totally different nature.

Learn to live life with a state of consciousness that is Extremely Liberating and full of appreciation for every moment. This is the Magical Way of Living and Being which the grips of society and the system of the world has shut us down from experiencing. You must reconnect to this state of consciousness to live life with complete freedom!

Transcend the boundaries of space and time in your Reality Creation. Learn the most cutting edge explanations about The Nature of Time from Modern Quantum Physics and put them into practical use that will transform your reality in ways that used to seem impossible. Here are your godlike powers of manipulating Space Time.

Know what the power of Forgiving can do, and it goes beyond what mere spirituality has taught in the past. You probably have never been told this but Forgiving has an actual effect of altering the past. This is actually a Form of Time Traveling! It can be too mind boggling to reveal it here, that's why you have to find out all about it inside.

Realize the Power of the Universal Flow and how it governs the motion of all things in existence. This is the Highest Power of All, and when you learn how to surrender to it, you become an unstoppable force because you're co-creating with The Creator! This is the way to bring your desires into manifestation in the totally effortless way.

Finally, learn the Once and For All Explanation of why most Law of Attraction, Manifestation and Reality Creation work fails! Almost everyone you've ever heard explaining about this situation has totally got it wrong! Reality Creation always works and this Key Information will PROVE IT in the most indisputable way ever!

"Imagine All The Wonderful Things That You Could Do With The Knowledge and Power of Reality Creation!"

You could achieve your most desired dreams that have been burning in your heart.

You could create all the money that you truly desire to have and enjoy it fully.

You could manifest perfect health every day of your life and never live in pain.

You could experience total happiness and cause the ones you love to have it too.

You could be free from the system of the world and never be bound by it again.

You could feel so good about yourself and your life that makes you the luckiest of all.

You could be all that you wanted to be in this life and have Total Self Actualization!

And the list goes on and on...

How about Manifesting The Dream Vocation, The Dream House, The Dream Car, The Dream life and The Dream Lover?

Possessing the Powers of Reality Creation, you could create something NEW or you could Recreate what already exist into that which is Perfect!

Perfection Does Exist if you Believe in it! Have you got what it takes to create it?

Who am I to share with you such knowledge of Consciousness and Reality Creation?

My name is Noctis Enoch and for years I have sought to learn all I could about the secrets of the universe and about life itself. My life's calling has driven me to uncover many golden mysteries that are found in ancient writings in combination with the most advanced cutting edge science of present day.

Much of these knowledge is unheard of by the masses and that's why the world has been kept pretty much the way it is. This is the MOST Life Changing Information which surpasses and transcends all other levels of self help you have encountered,  because it is about understanding and changing reality from the highest place of all!

The name Enoch means Teaching. It is the name of a man in the old testament of The Bible who was said to walk with God so closely all his life that finally one day, God just took him home straight to heaven! Other esoteric texts say that Enoch mastered the art of Ascension and could enter into the higher planes directly.

Well since Enoch walked with God, he must have learned all the secrets of the universe and received the answers of spiritual mysteries from The Creator himself.

I believe that since I am named after the First Enoch, God also has a similar calling for me to live and know God like the First Enoch did. Everything has meaning and can be used as clues to your chosen destiny from your Higher Self and The Universe.

I am now living the perfect life that I desire and have everything that I truly desire at this moment in time. I feel like I am the luckiest person on earth because I know the greatest secrets. I experience so much joy and fulfillment that many only dream of. I wish to share this with you.

Would A Billion Dollars Even Be Enough To Pay For The Power to Gain The Whole World and Satisfy Your Soul?

You know that there are many people who are willing to pay millions of dollars to discover the answers to life's greatest mysteries. Countless souls wander through this world all their life and never come to the knowledge of what reality is all about.

Yet it seems you are the extremely lucky or exceptional one who happened to come across this page. Your being here does not happen to be a totally random or chance event my friend. You are here because you intended to be here. You created this.

Therefore it is most probably your path to acquire this information that has been waiting for you all along inside. I speak in terms of probabilities because the universe is full of probable events. The ultimate factor that rules everything is CHOICE.

Choosing is how we Create Reality. You are a Chooser-Creator. Choosing is the first step to everything else. Now you could make the Most Life Changing Choice here...

Of course I have chosen to share all this Most Powerful Knowledge with YOU, otherwise I would not have spoken so much about it here.

The problem is, if I were to charge too high an amount of money for it, then only the wealthy elite would be able to afford it. Even the wealthy elite would also benefit tremendously from such knowledge because not every rich person is creating their reality perfectly or experiencing all the happiness that they are still seeking after.

Still, I seek to make a way for the ordinary person to gain access to this knowledge. But not just anybody should be allowed to have their hands on such power. Only those who are worthy should be given access to it.

Are you ready to receive unlimited power into your life by first expressing it?

Give and it shall be given unto you. This is the ultimate secret of the universe. Why? Because everything flows as an exchange of energy from one place with another. The higher flows to the lower and the lower returns to the higher.

The energy that you give out will bring back a corresponding energy. Give time for learning, give life for love, give thanks for happiness and give gold for WISDOM.

The True value of Reality Creation Secrets is INFINITE, but the price I have decided to offer it for is ONLY: $397

This price is highly affordable for most people in the world! $397 is a very small amount to pay compared to the amount of power, freedom and abundance you would be able to experience in your life!

I know you are about to order now, but I've something even better for you!

I have decided that since I desire to reach out to many more people with my work, but still charge for it at a price that does not undervalue its worth, for a Limited Time Only, I shall reduce the price to just a quarter of the usual price.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Since I am fully and absolutely confident that my work in Reality Creation Secrets would benefit you in the greatest possible way, I am willing to offer you a full refund of your purchase if you do not think the information within is worth many times more than the small amount of money you have given in appreciation of it.

Knowing this, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I would gladly return you your money if you do not think my work is worth giving it. Just request for it within 60 days of purchasing this book and you will get a refund. You do not have to explain unless you wish to, so you can have total peace of mind with this purchase!

I have decided that since I desire to reach out to many more people with my work, but still charge for it at a price that does not undervalue its worth, for a Limited Time Only, I shall reduce the price to just a quarter of the usual price.

So here is the Best Offer I have for you which is the Super Low Price of ONLY: $97

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Here are some of The Most Amazing Testimonials about My Work:

Hi. I have studies metaphysics all of my life, learned transcendental meditation when I  was 12, studies the books of Yogananda, Rajneesh, learned astrology, etc… etc… but you put everything together in the most amazing practical way. You express ideas, many of which I have always had but thought I was crazy for having them. For example the idea of inhabiting the consciousness or energy and becoming the kind of person who can manifest in certain ways. In other words I have always suggested to my wife to study the energy home owners have if she wants to attract a home. Plus your idea that everything, including cities have a specific energy to them. I have always sensed this. Well I could go on and on but I just want to say how much I enjoy your work.
- Edward

Dear Enoch: Not sure which site linked to you but I’m so glad it did. Your work is the BEST! Can’t tell you how much I’ve learned just from your writings on mind secrets. You have answered many puzzling questions I’ve had for a long time about manifesting. Better than Masters of the Secret - You are the Masters’ Master!! I just wanted to express my extreme gratitude for your generous publications. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing.
- Heather

The ebook is the best thing I have read on the subject, and I have read The Secret!!! I love the biblical codes which further illustrates that The Secret (which I love as well) is no secret. It has been around forever.
- Daisy

Hello, Enoch Tan: I would like to say thank you for creating this. The work of explaining how the Universe operates is extremely important. In lots of books on Mind Power, there’s only ways to use visualizations and affirmations, with no explanation of how? where? and why? it all works. Thank you for doing this.
- Elda

Dear Enoch, First I wish to thank you for so very much that you have done for me. You and your writings have done much and I can see your influence in my life. It always seems over the many years before I found you whenever I wanted to manifest anything I could read all kinds of material [some of it very good] but I would always ultimately come back to chap. 5 of Seth Speaks. Now It's Seth and some of your articles for clarification and extra inspiration. I can give no higher compliment to anybody anywhere than to add you to Seth!
- Irma Odel

Dear Enoch, I am a 54 year old man living in the US and I just read a couple of your articles. Just before April 25, 2007, I was living in a deep state of depression, having lost my job of 13 years and seeing my resources dwindle and not having any prospect of recouping them. I was at the point in my life where I did not understand why things were the way they were and I longed for death so I would not have to deal with the depression.
I mention that date because that was when I wrote down that I knew I was meant for something greater and that I INTENDED to know what it was and had become WILLING to make any changes to achieve it. Things began to change immediately thereafter. I now understand completely that I have the power to change anything in my life, anything! There is a long list of people I wish to thank for this knowledge and it grows every day. I have just added your name to that list. Some day soon, we will meet in person. I don’t how, when or why, I just know we will. Know that it will be a moment of great joy! Your friend,
- Scotty Hogsett

Hello Enoch, I am so glad that I have found your work. It is doing a lot of good to me. I have always had a strong will, but I lost it somehow and now through your writings I found a handle to get a hold of it again. I am getting back in my power. Thank you very much Enoch! You have helped me in the best way. If I can do anything for you, please let me know. Best regards,
- Joop ter Horst

I have recently read your work and it is a long awaited breath of fresh air! I WAS a 43yr old victim of child molestation, child abuse and rape. No one had ever EXPLAINED FORGIVENESS to me in the way that you did. This time I got it. It was one of those moments where time stands still because you want to enjoy and comprehend everything that's happening because deep down inside at some level, you know you just heard the TRUTH!. You have done what no one else has been able to do.

I MUST EXPRESS MY MOST SINCERE GRATITUDE for YOU. I am GRATEFUL that you listened to your heart--God and wrote “Reality Creation Secrets”; because I am one of the many people that it has helped. There were many times during the course of reading it that my jaw literally dropped because I was just grateful for the truth and YOU KNOW THE TRUTH WHEN YOU HEAR IT! You said on your website that at some level I had manifested this information, well I'm glad (GRATEFUL) I DID MANIFEST THIS! MAY YOU FOREVER BE BLESSED!

- Michelle Lovette

Hey Enoch, after coming to page 19 and not farther of your E-Book “Reality Creation Secrets”, I am already so amazed of your lecture. It is unbelievable how dense your wealth of information is presented in a clearly structured way. Although I am interested in metaphysical and spiritual information for 2 years, by now I never came across something as valuable as your text. I had various Highs and Lows that are almost unbelievable for me: From time to time, I more or less ridiculed this stuff, and then believed in it again. But your writing coming into my life is like a miracle for me. It makes clear so much. Dispelling a lot of false information I received, respectively allowing me to organize all the thoughts...Understanding God/Universe/myself MUCH more than a couple of hours ago. Thank you
- Daniel Lorencic

I always had questions about the universe and you have answered them all. Enoch Tan, you helped me with the internal and the external aspects of the universe, and you helped make my life exactly like I wanted to. I still can’t understand how you know all this stuff, you are for me like a second Einstein. I wish you the best karma in the world. God bless you… Yours sincerely
- Thelman Arakelian

Dear Enoch, I'm so grateful to you for your ebook. The instantly obtainable book has quieted my worried mind and I now feel completely at peace. A large burden has been lifted from my shoulders. I've read materials like this in the past (The Science of Getting Rich), but your written word and explicit instructions have given me the tools I need to walk my path. Thank you, Enoch. I look forward to future writings from you...
- Rhonda Lasater

I have decided that since I desire to reach out to many more people with my work, but still charge for it at a price that does not undervalue its worth, for a Limited Time Only, I shall reduce the price to just a quarter of the usual price.

So here is the Best Offer I have for you which is the Super Low Price of ONLY: $97

Update: This Offer is No longer available BUT there is Another chance to get this Rare Ebook...

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If you think you cannot afford the price of this book, then you really need to read this!

This book contains the most potent organization of knowledge in the world, and therefore I treat it with great value. The first step to achieving your desires is overcoming your self-limiting beliefs about the conditions around you, and realizing that you are indeed capable of paying the amount of money that the book costs.

There is a lot more knowledge inside that will free you from financial lack, health problems and social limitation. The very fact that you think you cannot afford the book means, you really need it! The powerful truths found within will help you to break through many illusions of the world and empower you to live a life of happiness, abundance and total freedom!

I can give you a few ideas on how you can come up with the money to pay for the book. You can cut off temporarily from spending on lesser things. You can save up the money over time. You can share the cost of the book with one or more people. You see, the rich are creative and they let nothing stop them in getting what they want.

"The wealth conscious people have the freedom to charge for whatever they do according to the amount they believe it is worth, even when it is to people who try to tell them they are charging too much, or should not be charging at all. It is because wealth conscious people perceive their reality as abundant and do not allow themselves to be affected be the perceptions of those that come from a limited consciousness."

"If everyone in this world was wealth conscious and freely gave money to others and freely received it when it is appropriate, then everyone would be as wealthy as they could be. This is because energy would flow freely and hence everyone would be able to experience what they desire without holding back from paying for it, and others would not hold back from paying them for what they contribute. The economy would be much smoother and the progress of the entire world would advance extremely fast."

That's the secret of the wealthy. It begins with having wealth consciousness. That's the reason why the masses remain average because their perception limits them. Most people are undervaluing themselves and believing in the illusion of lack and limitation.

"The state of the health of a body depends on the circulation of blood. The blood transports nutrients to the cells and transports waste away from them. The better the circulation the better the health will be. The state of the wealth of a nation depends on the flow of the economy. Money helps to move the things that we want to us, and helps to move what we have to offer to others. Both health and wealth are really different forms of the same thing called well being, which depends on free flowing of energy."

I have revealed a lot of secrets on this page with you already. That's more than enough to awaken you for now. You will learn a whole lot more secrets in my book.

"Stop holding back paying for something you know will contribute to your progress. The more unlimited you become, the faster you will achieve everything you desire in life."

I have decided that since I desire to reach out to many more people with my work, but still charge for it at a price that does not undervalue its worth, for a Limited Time Only, I shall reduce the price to just a quarter of the usual price.

So here is the Best Offer I have for you which is the Super Low Price of ONLY: $97

Update: This Offer is No longer available BUT there is Another chance to get this Rare Ebook...

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PS: I can't guarantee how long the super low price of my ebook is going to last. I may raise the price soon and if you come back later and find it is no longer the same, there's nothing I can do about it. So grab Reality Creation Secrets at this price today!

PPS: Reality Creation Secrets is worth MUCH more than all other books!

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